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Paula González-Álvarez

Paula González-Álvarez

Santiago, Chile

South American Regional Coordinator, Senior Moderator and Social Media Coordinator

Paula works in student support services and writing program administration at a large university in Santiago, Chile. She lives with her husband Sergio and their two children, Julieta and Catalina.

She is a survivor of preeclampsia with severe features and HELLP syndrome with her daughter Catalina, who was born at 25 weeks in April 2017. Catalina was a very fragile micropreemie who spent six months in the NICU and a few more months with home medical care after this, but, fortunately, things have improved since then. After this experience, Paula has had the opportunity to learn not only about preeclampsia but also about how exteme prematurity impacts disability, inclusion, and accesiblity.

Paula is interested in social media, disability studies, and how to make information accesible to more people. She serves both English- and Spanish-speaking members of our organization.

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